Yellow Squash Tots – Vegetable Tots

Healthy vegetable snack alert!! Make these yellow squash tots with all that summer squash (yes, these can be zucchini tots!). Delicious when dipped in ketchup or a zesty yogurt dip. If you’re looking for healthy snack ideas, vegetable side dish recipes, vegetable appetizers, yellow squash recipes, or kid friendly snack ideas, give these veggie tots a try!

Shrimp and Vegetable Skillet

This Shrimp and Vegetable Skillet is a quick and healthy dinner or lunch recipe! It’s super low in carbs and loaded with delicious veggies. You can make this spicy or non-spicy and stores well in containers for meal-prepping. This recipe is loaded with delicious vegetables and healthy shrimps. #shrimpandvegetables #shrimpskillet

Healthy Zucchini Tomato Italian Sausage Soup | Italian sausage soup, Italian vegetable soup, Vegetab

Zucchini Tomato Italian Sausage Soup – Delicious, nourishing and packed with healthy vegetables. You’ll enjoy every spoonful of our zucchini tomato Italian sausage soup. It is an easy 30-minu…